Piper Boat Owners' Club

A club open to anyone who owns a Piper-built boat



Pipeline is Piper Boat Owners club colour magazine. For more info on the magazine, click here

Some Back Issue Articles

Technical Cruising General Interest
Battery Management Part 1 Down the Bristol Channel Living Aboard   
   Battery Management Part 2   The Monty's First Four Locks Fresh Milk Daily   
Cool Man Cool! (Engine Cooling) Colorado to Basil The Royal Yacht Britannia 
Boat Painting - an overview Backwards Progress Porthole inserts: A Solution
  Boat Painting - Primer & Undercoats Waiting for the Weather Special Boating
Under Lock and Quay Parts 1 + 2   Quarts Into Pint Pots
Black your Bottom Missus? Piper Boat Building The Tide Run
Kinky Cable Calamity  Kathe II - The birth of a Piper Barge - 1  
Is your Alternator Up To It        The birth of a Piper Barge - 2  
Boat Central Heating      The birth of a Piper Barge - 3  
Gnashing Gearbox      The birth of a Piper Barge - 4  
       1st Impressions & Use  

More back issues to follow soon



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